"Right now you have lots of point solutions that built functionality around a particular problem. Those solutions don't work as well together as they will in five years," said Scott Happ, CEO of Optimal Blue.
To Redefine Mortgage Technology, Focus on Connectivity
In order for the mortgage industry and its technology to evolve in the future, lenders and servicers must redefine their expectations for connectivity and demand more open integrations between the systems they use.  more »
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Fannie Mae employees will be working this weekend to update the agency's automated underwriting machine to process trended data for the first time.
The National Association of Realtors has partnered with VA Loan Captain to create a platform designed to help its members better serve the needs of military and veteran homebuyers and sellers.
The granular data and quick decisions that can help field a winning fantasy football team have a lot in common with the analytics tools that mortgage lenders use to monitor and evaluate their operations.
It may take several years, but the Rural Housing Service is on a path to modernize its single-family program and give lenders more responsibility for approving and closing loans.
Altisource's default software subsidiary Equator has launched a new suite of tools for real estate agents to provide insight into the market of bank-owned properties.
Altisource has expanded its offerings to include foreclosure auction services.
First American Financial Services has reached an agreement to acquire RedVision Systems, one of the largest independent providers of title and property research nationwide.
International Document Services has bought electronic mortgage services vendor Encomia, in its first acquisition since it became part of Reynolds and Reynolds last October
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